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  • For a personalized mentorship focused on your individual goals. Each student is individually assessed and our coaches are accessible for however long you are a student. No cookie cutter coaching here!

  • For honesty and transparency about the voiceover business. Since the coaches work as voice actors everyday, their experiences become your guidance.

  • To gain real world knowledge from coaches with national & international clients and agents, whose incomes are in the top 5%. Over 50 years combined experience as working actors.

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Voiceover Coach Linda Bruno

As a 30 year VO Veteran, I'm still in love with being behind a microphone and NOW I love coaching new students who are looking to break into this fun and challenging career. From studio set up to building your first demo to marketing and auditioning, I'll show you what has worked for me. And what has allowed me to turn this into my ONLY source of income. I've been lucky enough to work in just about every avenue of Voiceover. My nickname from my agents is Renaissance Woman because I can do Commercials, TV Promos, Narrations, Characters, Voice Recognition, Auto Spots, On Hold Messaging, Voice of Goddess for Live Shows, etc. So I can coach you in just about any arena you have an interest. Some of my largest clients include McDonald's, AT&T, Stride Gum, Network voice for HSN, Network voice for Disney Jr Asia, Fandango, Pfizer, Walmart, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many others. I've worked with some of the largest companies in the world as well as the smaller local businesses who also help sustain a career. You can be sure of lots of laughs and lots of exercises that will push your talent limits so that you will grow as a performer. You'll probably surprise yourself with all the creativity that's within you, just waiting to be unleashed. So let's work together!

Voiceover Coach JJ Wilson

My name is JJ Wilson and I have been a FULL-TIME freelance Voice Actor for 30 years. I am actually a second-generation VO Actor.  My father, BIG WILSON, was The Voice of Van Kamps Pork and Beans, Yago Sangria, Campbell’s soup, and countless others in the 60’s.  I co-founded the Read it and Reap School of Voice Overs in Florida back in the 90’s.  Some of my former students are making a great living today in VO. Some of my Credits include: National spots for  WAGNER POWER TOOLS, RCCL, FORD, HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER, BOSLEY, COVER GIRL, Car Commercials up the Wazoo!  Promos and booth voice for NBC, A&E, WSVN 7, Longform Narrator for many shows on THE SCIENCE CHANNEL, In Truck Radio show host for RYDER TRUCKS, and many many others.  I can help you get into the field of VO.  I will be brutally honest though, so be prepared.  Don’t want you to waste time and money! From Studio setup to booking your first job and everything in between, I know how it’s done.

Acting Coach Alyssa Jayson

We are so emotive in our everyday lives and it is often difficult to translate that in front of the camera, on-stage, or behind the microphone. My approach to acting has always been to find the connections between script and self, to make a moment more human and believable.  As an actor, my resumé includes roles on ABCTV’s All My Children, various independent films, off-broadway & regional theatre performances. Additionally, a voiceover student of Linda Bruno, I’ve been a voice actor for radio spots, animated characters, on-hold messaging and narrative film. Most recently, I wrote, recorded and released my 2nd studio album, “Please Be True” which charted around the country on many public and independent radio stations.  Beginning with imagination and improvisation exercises that help you to break down that wall we all tend to hide behind. I’ll guide you to be more present, truthful, and ultimately more believable onstage, onscreen or behind the mic. Then through text, commercial copy, and scenes: we will explore discovering the character, making it personal, finding objectives, and creating emotional connections. 

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